A Workshop on Finanncial Education-SEBI

In order to create awareness, enhancing & scaling-up knowledge, insights & practical aspect to budding professionals about “Financial Education”, a work-shop under the genesis of SEBI on the title “Financial Planning for Young Investors” was concluded at Institute premises on 27.04.16, Wednesday. At this occasion, the facilitator touched the whole genre of Financial Literacy in a very comprehensive, convenient &   easy to understand way. He specially focused on topics like as  Financial Planning, Savings vs Investment, Inflation, Time Value of Money, Savings  & Investment related products, Advantages of Financial Education , Investor Protection & Grievances Redressal Mechanism, SEBI’s Role & Importance, How to start Investing etc. During the workshop, the speaker also warned the audiences regarding pongy schemes, wrong financial decisions, financial secrets & steps to avoid excess debt etc. the participants. Apart from, the resource person also apprised about systematic investment planning (SIP), Stock Exchange, Tax Planning & Investment strategies etc. At last, healthy the Q & A sessions was held to soothing the doubts & confusions of audiences. In conclusion, the workshop was disassembled by thanking all the participants for their contributions and active participation & the discussion was very rich, refreshing, and informative and that several new ideas were explored.