Dear Friends,

A warm welcome to everyone, for beginning with Institute of Technical Education & Research Centre (ITERC), Duhai, Ghaziabad.

ITERC, from the date of its inception has been known as one of the pioneers in the field of higher education. This institution facilitates the transaction of curriculum in a way that the students are trained in multifarious ways. Emphasis is given on overall personality development which includes effective communication skills. The number of various academics programmes brings about awareness to our students giving them an edge over the other available for their future carrier.

The day, ITERC, starts with prayers, and humility is taught by example not forgetting the promotion of right values that our Indian culture has provided us. We are able to achieve all this, because of our Vision and Mission to be one of the preferred institutions for higher studies.

ITERC has been marked for its distinctive services to education by NAAC accreditation.

Management of ITERC is committed to provide all support, during your stay in the institution, towards learning and gaining maturity, as a student to achieve the maximum of their potential.

ITERC, Duhai, Ghaziabad

Education is a tool which gives a certain direction to the students’ future and society. We at ITERC Group of Institutions, endeavor to adapt our faculty to teach in a sincere and learning atmosphere to promote a spirit of enquiry among our students. We have set a goal not only to educate students on realities of today’s corporate world, but also to infuse human values, confidence and vision among them. Therefore the caring attitude with which we develop them makes us their personal choice among professional institutions.

In the prospective of global changes we work to make our students admirable citizens of this immense society of India, cultivate ethics and real professionalism by providing best infrastructure, best faculty with best academics. This reputed group, extensively experienced in the field of teacher education and management education providing B.Ed., MBA, PGDM, BBA and BCA courses, is committed to give the best possible start to the career of our students. Team efforts of the indispensable pillars viz., faculty, students and administration leave no stone unturned to make it the best..

I hope students’ choice to opt our professional courses will fetch them the best they deserve and help them to meet their future dream.

Dr. Anurag Garg
Executive Director
ITERC Group of Institutions

Education opens the golden gates of knowledge of the world, in which we live and sharpens our vision of the essence of things. A programme in education not only involves a study of educational technology and principles of teaching but also the capability of the learner to probe deeply into the nature of learning process and acquires a mastery of its mystery.

Mr. Rakesh Mohan Garg