ITERC has adequate infrastructure with independent departmental blocks having Labs, Libraries and Seminar Halls. The class rooms/ Tutorial rooms designed to inculcate a sense of discipline have been equipped with teaching aids such as projectors. The Campus has an ideal combination of pollution free environment with lush green gardens & magnificent infrastructure that promise students an education life experience.


The ITERC Libraries have about 10000 books & more then 25 National/ International Journals & CD's related to the different subjects in the various departments. It also enjoys the facility of Photocopier.

A well equipped and spacious library is the lifeline of any institution. All the departments of the institute have separate libraries & reading rooms having not only relevant course books and reference books but also National & International Research Surveys, Report & Journals, Newspapers & Magazines etc. to help the student in conducting research and also to find solution of educational problems.

Computer Lab

The ITERC Computer labs have more then 100 Pentium based Computers. All the departments have seperate Computer Labs having MSDM Academic Alliance with Microsoft for latest product update.The internet facility is available round the clock.

All modem amenities like laser printers and Scanners in adequate number are available for the use of Students & Staff.

Lecture Theaters

The ITERC has provided lecture theaters / class rooms accompanied with modern teaching aids. The aesthetically designed wings of academic blocks provide dynamic learning environment. The latest audio-visual aids and multimedia technology enables the faculty members to have interactive classroom teaching, which is meant primarily for theoretical & conceptual with case methods and group learning.

Conference Hall

The ITERC has separate conference hall for all the department for carrying out the needs of the campus. The conference hall has been designed specially to provide a venue for education, conferences, Seminars, meetings and programmes for career development and college interaction. The conference hall helps in providing a suitable place for conferencing in various areas where eminent personalities from Industry and academics are invited.

Science & Mathematics Resource Centre

ITERC Science & Mathematics resource centre is fully equipped with all modern amenities physics, chemistry, biology & mathematics necessary for the intellectual development of our pupil-teachers.

Science refers to a system of acquiring knowledge. This system uses observation and experimentation to describe and explain natural phenomena. The branch of mathematics concerned with application of mathematical knowledge to other fields, inspires and makes use of new mathematical discoveries and sometimes leads to the development of entirely new mathematical disciplines, such as statistics and game theory.

ICT Resource Centre

The IT is defined as "the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer based Information Systems particularly Software applications & Computer hardware. Our IT Resource Center deals with the use of electronic Computer & Computer Software to convert, store, protect, process, transmit & security retrieve information.

Language acquisition is the study of the process through which humans acquire language. Our ICT Resource Center presents an example to others how to prepare effective language teacher.

Psychology Lab

ITERC Psychology lab is equipped with all the Psychological test & apparatus for making our pupil-teachers fully competent.

Psychology is the branch of science that studies the soul, the mind & the relationship of life & mind to the functions of the body.

Art & Craft Resource Centre

The ITERC through the Art & Craft Resource Center instills the importance & value of handwork & artistic beauty in our pupil-teachers. Art & Craft is the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way to affect the senses of emotions.

Music Room

It is an art form whose medium is sound. In many cultures music is an important part of their way of life. Music is an important part of our culture & social life which ITERC try to provide through our Music teachers.

Medical Facility

The B. R. Jansewa Society is running it’s own 27 bedded hospital, named B. R. Hospital & charitable Polyclinic and B. R. Eye Care Center at Rajnagar, Ghaziabad which is equipped with all facilities and that arranges routine medical check up of ITERC Students, Staff members and people from surrounding areas and also organizes various medical camps free of Cost.

Scout & Guide

In order to achieve mental & Physical fitness, Scout & Guide Camps, Yoga Classes etc are the essential part of the curriculum.

Sports Facilities

The ITERC has various indoor & Outdoor sports facilities are available with in the campus. In tune with the objective of all round development of the Students & Staff.


The ITERC cafeteria is available in the campus where cafeteria serving excellent meals , Snacks & other Cuisine has been always providing hygienic & Decent and span atmosphere.